(Guest rules)

To ensure a pleasant stay, please read the rules below carefully. Thank you!




Reservations are always made online through our website or email, but they always require our confirmation.

To guarantee the stay, it is necessary to pay the reservation in the amount of 30% of the total stay.

The remaining payment as well as the delivery of the deposit amount defined for damages and losses are made at the time of check-in.

Cancellations made more than 30 days before the start date of the stay will see the total amount paid be refunded, those made between 30 and 15 days from the start date will have a penalty of 30% of the value of the stay and those who only are made less than 15 days before the start date, they will be responsible for 90% of the total amount foreseen for the stay.

For reductions in the number of nights, the same penalties will apply to differences in value caused by the stay.




Check-in must be carried out from 3 pm to 7 pm (upon request, and with possible additional costs, other times may be scheduled) and all guests must present their identification documents (BI/CC or passport).

Check-out must be carried out by 11:00 am (on request, if possible and with possible additional costs, late check-out may be allowed) and guests are obliged to leave the rooms/houses in the same conditions as they found.

Stays at Monte do Castelejo are at least 2 nights, with the respective daily rates varying according to the type of rooms and/or houses to be booked (see website) and the capacity of each accommodation will be strictly adhered to.

Monte do Castelejo does not have specific conditions for the accommodation of animals, even if the guests and/or the company accept their inclusion in the reservation, the guests are responsible for any damages caused during the stay and, depending on this and the characteristics of the animal, the possibility of paying a fee




The accommodations are delivered properly clean and in good condition and guests are responsible for the daily cleaning of the rooms/houses.

Monte do Castelejo cleans the accommodation, replaces bedding and towels and removes the garbage every 7 days.

Any eventual need for maintenance during the stay must be communicated immediately and can only be carried out, after evaluation, by Monte do Castelejo or by contracted specialized technicians.




Monte do Castelejo guarantees the necessary and correct weekly cleaning of the pool (from 10/15 to 04/15 the cleaning will only be fortnightly) and guests when using it must refrain from using body oils and must never pour any objects and/or liquids into it.

Guests must ensure and be responsible for the safety of children accompanying them when using the pool.




Monte do Castelejo requests and thanks its guests for a correct use of water, gas and electricity, helping to promote the reduction of waste.




Parties and events are not allowed on the premises of Monte do Castelejo and the stay of visitors who do not stay overnight will only be allowed after prior notice, with responsibility for the guests and will always depend on availability.

Smoking (even electronic cigarettes) is not allowed in the interior spaces of the accommodations.

The use of substances and other activities that are illegal or pose a risk to public health are absolutely prohibited on the premises of Monte do Castelejo and its neighboring areas.




Guests are responsible for the careful use of all goods placed at their disposal and ensure their safe and proper use.

Monte do Castelejo is not responsible for any damages and/or losses to people and property, caused directly or indirectly by guests’ behavior or inappropriate use of the accommodation.

The Monte do Castelejo website is only updated periodically, so the descriptions and photos placed there may not correspond in full.

found at the time of accommodation and, in this sense, we are not responsible for any inaccuracies.

The accommodations that are part of Monte do Castelejo are duly registered with Turismo de Portugal as Local Accommodation units (AL) or in the Rural Tourism regime – Casas de Campo (TER-CC).




The contact e-mail, telephone and other identifying elements of the guest making the reservation are kept only for the purpose of communication inherent to the stay, guaranteeing Monte do Castelejo not to use them for promotion purposes and not to supply them to third parties. unless expressly stated by the guest.

The collection and storage of guest identification elements is intended to comply with the legal obligation of reporting to the Aliens and Borders Service and also guarantees that they will not be provided or shared with third parties, or their non-use for any other purpose.